Now that the Federal Election has been won by the Coalition, many people are wondering about how this affects their tax position this year.

While the Coalition have promised company tax cuts and individual tax cuts, the majority of these are planned for a few years’ time.


Taxpayers look set to pocket tax cuts from July as Scott Morrison plans to recall parliament to pass Budget measures before the end of the financial year. The cuts will be put to the Senate in the first of three stages of reforms under the Coalition’s plan to flatten tax brackets in a move to keep the faith with voters who swung behind it on Saturday.

Under the first stage of the plan, about 4.5 million low and middle income earners will enjoy a doubling of the tax offset to $1,080 a year, which they can claim after lodging their Tax Returns as early as 1 July 2019.

A Tax Offset directly reduces the amount of tax you pay. It can reduce your tax payable to zero, but on its own it can’t get you a refund.

Here is how the new targeted tax offset works:

Your Taxable Income

New Tax Offset

Up to $37,000

Tax relief of up to $255

$37,001 to $47,999

Tax relief between $255 to $1,080

$48,000 to $90,000

Full tax relief of $1,080

$90,000 to $126,000

Tax relief gradually reduces from $1,080 to Nil

If you fall into the above income categories and want to get your higher tax refund quickly – please contact our office today and we’ll book you in to have your Tax Returns prepared in early July 2019!

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