Owners Corporation

Our extensive Owners Corporation Management experience with a mature, dedicated contact as the Manager for the property will be an advantage to members.

The Owners Corporation Act 2006 necessitated all Managers be registered with the Business Licensing Authority and we are also Members of Strata Community Australia (previously known as Owners Corporations Victoria) which allows us to undertake valuable ongoing professional development and access to a number of resources if problems or difficulties arise. Our business partners, John Anderson & Stephen Potter, have both had a role overseeing the transition of legislation and owners requirements throughout this time period and believe that our firm is able to meet your needs regarding your property investment/s.

Our practice has managed a number of Owners Corporations, both residential and commercial, over the last 20 years ranging from inner-city multi-level dwellings to outer eastern suburban properties incorporating pools and tennis courts.

Owners Corporation Staff

Our extensive Owners Corporation Management experience with a mature, dedicated contact as the Manager for the property will be an advantage to members. We also have experienced, efficient and dedicated support staff that can help you with your Owners Corporation queries as and when they arise, should the Manager be unavailable.

An independent person dealing with issues that arise from use of common property or queries regarding the rules applicable to the Owners Corporation can also often alleviate tensions between individual members.

We are committed to working for the members to ensure their investments are protected.

We Offer:
  • Personal Service
  • Experienced staff (with accounting qualifications)
  • Issue and collection of Owners Corporation Fees
  • Property attendance as required
  • Preparation of Financial Statements for each Annual General Meeting
  • Preparation of Budget for each Annual General Meeting
  • Arranging insurance and claims for the Owners Corporation
  • Individual bank accounts for each Owners Corporation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Repairs and Maintenance of the Building and Common Property – your investment!
  • Issuing of Owners Corporation Certificates when a unit is sold or purchased
  • Organisation and convening of the Annual General Meeting together with provision of a meeting room at no cost
  • A direct line for all Owners Corporation enquiries
  • We aim to respond (via phone or email) within 24 hours of any enquiry
  • We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance of $2,000,000

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What is an Owners Corporation?

An Owners Corporation (Strata Title/Body Corporate) is a body of Owners that allows the management of the Common Property of a residential, commercial or mixed-use property. The Common Property is defined as property not on a title to one particular owner which may include but is not limited to driveways, stairwells, pools, gardens, lifts and other facilities for the use by residents. It is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation to manage the common property.

You are likely to be a member of an Owners Corporation if you own a flat, apartment or unit.

An Owners Corporation can be created in any subdivision and there can be multiple Owners corporations in one subdivision of land or buildings. An Owners Corporation is automatically created when a Plan of Subdivision containing Common Property is registered with Land Victoria.

What are the responsibilities and duties of an Owners Corporation?

In brief terms, an Owners Corporation manages and administers works on the Common Property and enforce the rules, regulations and by-laws of that Owners Corporation.

Under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 an Owners Corporation MUST:

  • Manage and administer the Common Property
  • Repair and maintain the Common Property, fixtures and services
  • Take out and maintain the appropriate insurance
  • Raise fees from Owners to meet the financial requirements of the Owners Corporation
  • Prepare financial statements and keep financial records
  • Provide Owners Corporation Certificates when requested
  • Carry out any functions and duties under the Owners Corporation Act 2006, the Owners Corporation Regulations 2007, the Owners Corporation Rules & and other law or regulations
  • Ensure compliance with the Act, regulations and rules.

What is an Owners Corporation Manager?

An Owners Corporation Manager is a professional company/person that deals in the running of an Owners Corporation. A manager (and their company) should be members of the professional body, Strata Community Australia (SCA) and they must be licenced with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA).

Many Owners Corporations use professional managers to assist with finances, insurance, administration, meeting and maintenance functions.

What are the duties of the Owners Corporation Manager?

Duties and responsibilities of the manager include but are not limited to:

  • Managing the financial accounts
  • Issuing fee and levy notices
  • Looking after insurance matters – claims and renewals
  • Managing correspondence with Owners, contractors etc
  • Annual General Meetings:
    – Preparation of the annual budget and auditing the financial statements
    – Calling the AGM and sending out the notices
    – Holding the AGM and issuing the minutes
  • Managing any disputes that may arise